Optoelectronic Information Science and Technology

 Brief Introduction of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering


The Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering in our school originated from the Optoelectronic Information Science and Technology established in 2002. It started enrollment in 2003 with 60 students each year, and expanded the enrollment scale in 2008 with 120 students each year. Our school is one of the earliest schools in Tianjin to establish this major. In 2011, it was officially approved as a major related to strategic emerging industries in Tianjin by Tianjin. In January 2013, the Ministry of Education changed its name to Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering. In 2017, Tianjin approved it as an applied major in Tianjin.


        There are currently 15 teachers in this major, including 5 professors, 6 associate professors and 4 lecturers. 87% of them have doctorates. Due to the efforts of the teachers of photoelectric major, the grade I master's degree program in optical engineering affiliated to this major has also made great progress. Outstanding achievements have been made in scientific research in the fields of laser technology, photoelectric functional materials, and photoelectric detection and so on, providing discipline support for the further development of the specialty. Professional teachers have presided over 10 national scientific research projects, 3 provincial and ministerial level projects, with a total funding of more than RMB 6 million, and 2 provincial and ministerial level educational reform projects. In the past 5 years, they have published more than 150 papers in core journals at home and abroad, of which nearly 100 papers have been included by SCI and EI. The total value of professional teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is about RMB 6 million, including the practice platform of laser and optoelectronic device preparation mutually constructed by the central government and the local, 5kW cross-flow CO2 laser processing complete equipment, six-axis robot, 1000W YAG laser, Germany's DILAS 3kW semiconductor laser system, the United States LASERTEL 8kW semiconductor laser system and other equipment.


       After more than ten years of exploration and practice, the professional construction thought of thought has been formed which is characterized by giving priority to light experiments and combining light and electricity experiments and serves the development of local photoelectricity industry. Great achievements have been made in professional construction, and excellent results have been achieved in various competitions such as the National College Students' Optoelectronic Design Competition, the National College Students' Physics Academic Competition, the Tianjin College Students' Physics Competition, and the Tianjin Hetai Cup SCM Application Design Competition. In the 6th National College Students Optoelectronic Design Competition in 2018, the Optoelectronic Trailing Intelligent Vehicle designed by students of the major won one national first prize and one national third prize; and students also achieved outstanding results in North China Area Optoelectronic Competition: one first prize and three second prizes. In addition, every year, many groups of students received funding from national and Tianjin municipal big projects. In 2016, the smart suitcase project of the students of our major was focused by Daily News and other media in Tianjin. After graduation, the students of this project group entered the robot field to start their own businesses.


The training quality of students majoring in optoelectronics has been recognized by the society, and the employment rate of graduates has reached more than 90%. Every year, a large number of graduates are employed by well-known enterprises such as BOE, Tiandi Weiye Digital Technology Company and TCL. The admission rate for graduate students has also reached about 15%. Every year, many students enter well-known 985 universities and research institutes in China to study for graduate students.