Optoelectronic Physics Laboratory

Brief Introduction of Optoelectronic Physics Laboratory


Optoelectronic Physics Laboratory is affiliated to the School of Physical Science and Technology and the Physics Experimental Center, which serves the specialties of optoelectronic information science and engineering and applied physics. There are 9 teaching laboratories and 2 practical training platforms. Currently, there are 4 full-time teachers and 6 part-time teachers. The Laboratory has an area of 800 square meters and 243 sets of instruments, with a total value of RMB 5.17 million.

Optoelectronic Physics Laboratory insists on the teaching features of giving priority to light experiments and combining light and electricity experiments; taking students as the main body and establishing a hierarchical and open teaching system of specialized physics experiments; taking the construction of practical training platform as a breakthrough point, strengthening our connection with the actual production and paying attention to the cultivation of innovative ability. The laboratory has certain teaching and scientific research strength in laser technology, optoelectronic detection and control, preparation of optoelectronic functional materials and devices, optical fiber communication, sensing technology, micro-nano testing, spectrum technology, etc.

Optoelectronic Physics Laboratory has set up various levels of experimental practice courses such as Optoelectronic Experiment, Modern Physics Experiment, Modern Optics Experiment, Detection and Sensing Technology Experiment, Optoelectronic Detection Experiment, Optoelectronic Material Preparation and Characterization Experiment and Electronic Circuit Course Design, has developed a number of design, comprehensive and innovative experiments, has compiled Optoelectronic Physics Specialty Experimental Course and has also set up a ABC Hands-on Making summer camp for all undergraduates. In addition, the laboratory is fully opened to provide a practical platform for graduation design and students' extracurricular scientific and technological activities.

Relying on investment in the 13th Five-Year Plan, the laboratory has built a practical platform for laser manufacturing and optoelectronic detection, aiming to integrate practical teaching with production, scientific research and social practice, to enable students to understand the current situation of the industry as soon as possible, to track professional frontiers, to guide students to carry out research-based learning and innovative experiments, to cultivate students' interest and ability to discover, analyze and solve problems, to effectively improve students' practical and innovative ability, and to enhance students' employment competitiveness.

Laboratory teachers are committed to experimental practice teaching research and teaching reform, and have achieved certain results. They strive to make the experimental practice course play a maximum role in the process of training talents and train more outstanding and innovative talents for the country.