Applied Physics

Major of Applied Physics

This major focuses on cultivating talents with cutting-edge scientific knowledge and ability, as well as the compound senior professionals with basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills in physics, detection and sensing, development and utilization of new energy sources, light display technology and other disciplines, who can be engaged in product research and development, teaching, application research and other work in related technical fields such as detection and sensing, new energy sources and light display. At present, strong advantages in detection and sensing, new energy and light display, photoelectric functional materials and devices, etc. have been formed; cooperated with relevant enterprises and research institutes, a number of internship bases are established, leaving broad room for graduates to rise. In addition to working in high-tech enterprises, they can also apply for postgraduate studies of related professions in universities and research institutes or study abroad, or apply for civil servants or teachers in government agencies and institutions according to their personal interests. Students of this major are at the forefront of the school every year in terms of employment and postgraduate entrance examination. We have established good communication and cooperation relations with many universities in Britain, the United States, Poland and other countries. In recent years, students go abroad for exchange and study very frequently. Students can go to relevant schools for exchange and study according to their own wishes.


Apart from classroom teaching, this major also actively organizes students' extracurricular scientific and technological activities to cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical ability. Every year, students win prizes in various national competitions. Students are encouraged to participate in college students' innovation and entrepreneurship activities under the guidance of professional teachers. Every year, a large number of students receive the national, municipal and school funding.


The main courses of this major include compulsory physical science courses such as mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, electromagnetism and atomic physics of general physics, theoretical mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical physics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and solid state physics, and also include those courses in technical aspects focusing on application: optical fiber communication, nondestructive testing technology, semiconductor physics and devices, optical display principles and technologies, electrical technology, analog circuits, digital circuits, new energy technologies and application.


All the teachers equipped in this major are PhD graduating from first-class universities at home and abroad, and the proportion of professors, associate professors and lecturers is reasonable. Professional postgraduate supervisors have rich experiences in guiding postgraduate research and professional teachers also have rich experiences in guiding undergraduate students to take postgraduate entrance exams. Besides, this major has the right to grant a master's degree.