School Introduction

Brief Introduction of the School of Physical Science and Technology


The School of Physical Science and Technology of Tiangong University was established in October 2018, which was established independently by the physics related disciplines of the former Institute of Science of TianjinPolytechnicUniversity.The school now has two first-class master's authorization points: physics and optical engineering, and two undergraduate majors: Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering and Applied Physics.The school has three departments and two centers, namely, Basic Physics Department, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering Department, Applied Physics Department, University Physics Experiment Center and Photoelectric Physics Experimental Center.The research platforms includes Basic and Cross Research Center, Physics Research Institute and Laser Technology Research Institute.


The college has 68 faculty members, including 12 professors, 24 associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors, 27 master supervisors and 52 doctoral teachers. Among them, one is the new century talent of Ministry of Education, one is Tianjin specially-appointed professor, one is Tianjin young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leader, and one is Tianjin young top-notch talent. The college currently has 790 students, 663 of whom are undergraduates and 127 are postgraduates. The college currently has one excellent course of College Physics and Experiment in Tianjin, and the Physics Experimental Center is the Tianjin experimental teaching demonstration center. One teacher won the third prize in the National Young Teachers' Lecture Competition, and two teachers won the first prize in the Tianjin Young Teachers' Teaching Basic Skills Competition.A team won the second prize of Tianjin teaching achievements.The college attaches great importance to students' extracurricular scientific and technological activities, and the students under its guidance have achieved outstanding results repeatedly in the National College Students' Photoelectric Design Competition and the Chinese College Students' Physics Academic Competition, with the results ranking the top in Tianjin.


In the past three years, college teachers have presided over a number of the projects of Natural Science Foundation of China and published more than 240 papers of which more than 140 were included in SCI.The research directions of physics mainly include laser physics and nonlinear optics, quantum information and optics, and strongly correlated electronic systems.The research direction of optical engineering mainly includes the manufacturing of laser additional materials, laser key technologies and devices, photoelectric functional materials and devices.


The school attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. At present, it has established friendly cooperative relations with University of Dundee in Britain, Krakow University of Technology in Poland, St. Cross University of Kochanovszky in Poland, Grenoble Institute of Technology in France, and University of Applied Science and Technology in Haimen in Finland.Scientific research cooperation, exchange of teachers and joint training of students have been deeply developed. The connotation and level of cooperation have been continuously enriched and deepened.