Basic Physics Department

Brief Introduction of Basic Physics Department

There are 12 teachers in the Basic Physics Department, including 3 associate professors, 9 lecturers and 3 doctoral teachers. There are 2 teachers under 35 years old and 2 teachers over 50 years old. 10 teachers under 45 years old account for 83.3%. Combined the old, the middle-aged and the young, with young and middle-aged backbone as the mainstay, the department is a young team with reasonable professional structure, age structure and professional title structure, and has strong stability, sustainability and great development potential. The Basic Physics Department is mainly responsible for the construction of courses such as college physics, bilingual introduction to college physics, history of physics (bilingual), application of MATLAB in physics, and the construction of demonstration experiments of college physics. In addition, some teachers teach specialized courses such as college physics experiments, applied optics, and physical optics. In addition to theoretical and experimental teaching, the Basic Physics Department is also mainly responsible for the guidance work of Tianjin College Students' Physics Contest, the exhibition and evaluation competition of experimental instruments for college physics teaching demonstration, and students' extracurricular scientific and technological activities.

College physics, for which the Basic Physics Department is mainly responsible, is one of the first batch of top-quality courses in Tianjin and an important basic course for engineering majors in our school. The number of students taught each year is more than 3,000, with a large quantity and a wide range. The teachers of the Basic Physics Department have kept pace with the times in their teaching practice for many years and have formed the teaching concept of strengthening foundation, paying attention to ability, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and developing their intelligence and innovation. The teaching content system of college physics courses has been established to meet the needs of different types of majors and different levels of students and the dynamic classification, multi-level teaching mode and diversified assessment methods that fully reflect students' personality development and interest orientation have been formed. Handouts of University Physics Learning Guidance and “University Physics Competition Guidance have been compiled and applied to the teaching of college physics. The bilingual teaching material Bilingual Introduction to College Physics and the characteristic teaching material MATLAB Physics Calculation and Visualization have been published and applied to the teaching of undergraduates and postgraduates. The construction of three-dimensional teaching materials and teaching resources has begun to take shape. The construction of the network teaching resource platform for college physics is completed. The team recorded the typical knowledge points in college physics courses into micro-class videos, and made the whole teaching videos of college physics courses according to the national standards for the construction of resource sharing courses. On this basis, the Department of Basic Physics, under the background of major engineering, engineering specialty certification and curriculum ideological and political theory, has made bold attempts to develop ideas and actively innovate educational and teaching reforms in order to raise the curriculum construction and teacher training to a new level, to serve the construction of new engineering more effectively, to support the achievement of graduation targets for engineering specialty certification in our university, to further improve the teaching effect and efficiency, and to improve the quality of training talents, which has achieved gratifying results.

Teachers in the Basic Physics Department cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work and they are rigorous in their research. In recent years, teachers presided over more than 10 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects and published more than 10 high-level papers, of which 9 are included in SCI; they also published 3 teaching materials and works. In the classroom teaching, they pay attention to the scientific research achievements and scientific and technological progress throughout the undergraduate teaching, expanding students' knowledge and broadening students' horizons. Teaching drives scientific research and scientific research promotes teaching, thus realizing the mutual growth of teaching and research. In the teaching process, they not only pay attention to imparting knowledge, but also pay more attention to cultivating good learning habits and scientific learning methods, teaching students the spirit of seeking truth from facts, integrating ideological and political elements into classroom teaching. As teacher, they impart knowledge and educate students, with outstanding achievements. Three teachers have published relevant teaching materials or monographs. Several teachers in the team won prizes in various competitions. Among them, 1 teacher won the third prize of national young teacher teaching competition; in Tianjin Young Teachers' Teaching Competition, 1 teacher won the special prize, 1 won the first prize, 2 won the third prize; 1 teacher won the second prize and 1 teacher won the third prize in the Tianjin Division of the National Young Physics Teachers Lecture Competition; in the first micro-class competition of national universities, 1 teacher won the first prize in Tianjin competition area and 1 won the national final excellence award; in the national excellent courseware appraisal, 1 won the third prize, and 1 won excellent prize; in the Tianjin excellent courseware appraisal, 1 won the second prize. 1 teacher won the top teacher of Tiangong University; 3 teachers won the outstanding teachers in Tiangong University and 1 teacher won the pioneer teacher in Tiangong University. 2 teachers are the winner of Hong Kong Sangma Award, and 1 is the woman pace-setter in Tianjin; they won 1 first prize of excellent teaching quality of Tiangong University and 3 third prizes; they won 2 second prizes of teaching achievements of Tiangong University and 4 third prizes; 1 teacher won the advanced individual in teacher' ethics in Tianjin; 1 won the demonstration post of Tianjin Labor Competition; 2 teachers won the ideological educators of outstanding part-time students in Tiangong University; 1 teacher is the winner of the First Schoolfellow Award and 2 teachers are the figures moving Tiangong University. Team members have made outstanding achievements in the guidance of student discipline competitions, guiding students to achieve outstanding results in various competitions such as Tianjin College Students' Physics Competition and National College Students' Physics Academic Competition. It is worth mentioning in particular that in 9 physics competitions for college students held by Tianjin since 2010, our school has always come out top, more than 600 students won the prizes; among the teachers, 28 won the Outstanding Instructor Award; our school has won nine consecutive excellent competition organizations, which is unique among all universities in Tianjin. The Basic Physics Department is the Pioneer Group of Tianjin Education Trade Union and the Worker Pioneer of Tianjin Federation of Trade Unions.