Soeks 01M Prime Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector
Soeks 01M Prime Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector
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SOEKS-01M Prime (2017 model) Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector

Russian menu and manual in English/Russian!


Geiger Counter - Radiation Detector SOEKS-01M





Key features of the SOEKS-01M prime (2016 model) Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector

  • A wholesome dosimeter. Measures not only current radiation levels but also the cumulative dose.
  • New search function allows for quicker location of radiation sources.
  • Fastest measurement speed (1 second) among all domestic dosimeters.
  • Outer casing made out of rubberized plastic.
  • Audio alert upon relocating to a high-radiation zone.
  • Battery charges from USB and wall outlet alike.
  • New processor that allows instant boot up.
  • Uptime from full charge increased to 1000 hours.


Improvement compared to the previous version Soeks 01M:

  • Now, measurement speed 1 sec instead of 10
  • Time of continuous work of the device extended to 1000 hours
  • The new function "Search" has its own history and responds to source more quickly
  • Improved performance: the new processor, increased memory
  • Advanced features: the ability to save each measurement

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Radiation measurement

The Soeks-01M Prime (2016 model) Geiger Counter is designed for measuring the cumulative radiation dose and assessing the radioactivity level of any item and detecting objects, food items and construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements.
The Soeks-01M Prime Radiation Detector easily gauges radioactivity levels based on ion radiation intensity (gamma radiation and beta particle stream) and x-ray radiation levels.
Measurements made with the device display exact background radiation levels in μSv/h or μR/h along with a message describing the level of background radiation:

  • “Normal Background Radiation”
  • “High Background Radiation”
  • “Dangerous Background Radiation”


The product comes with a one year warranty


The Soeks-01M Prime (2016) Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector carries the CE mark, certifying that it is in conformity with the essential requirements of applicable EC directives. 




Geiger Muller tube


Range of indicated background radiation level, μSv / h

from 0.03 to 999

Measurement of cumulative dose, Sv

up to 999

Types of radiation measured

Gamma radiation

Beta radiation


Measurement time, seconds


Measurement display

graphic data presentation

Number of stored measurement points



Rechargeable batteries, AAA batteries or USB

Overall dimensions height x width x thickness, mm.


Products weight (minus batteries), gr.



Color TFT, 128x160

Operating temperature range, oC

from -20 to +60

Time of continuous work of the device, hours at leas

up to 1000


English User Manual



The Soeks-01M prime (2016 model) Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector base kit includes the following items:

  • Soeks-01M Prime Radiation Detector with Russian menu
  • User manual
  • Rigid paperboard box

Unfortunately the postal service became to prohibit send the batteries by plane. Therefore we lay out the AAA batteries and battery charger from the parcel.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



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