Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector
    Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector
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    Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector


    Geiger Counter - Radiation Detector Soeks Defender













    Soeks DefenderSee the updated version of the device: Soeks 01M (2014 model) 2nd Generation



    The Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector is designed for measuring background radiation and detecting objects, food products and building materials contaminated by radioactive elements.

    • Compact and lightweight
    • Quick measurement in 10 seconds
    • TFT color display
    • Charges via USB
    • Audible alarm
    • Numeric and graphic data presentation
    • Cumulative dose measurement
    • Rubber case


    HD video review of the Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector


    Radiation measurement

    The Soeks Defender Geiger Counter is designed for measuring the cumulative radiation dose and assessing the radioactivity level of any item and detecting objects, food items and construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements.
    The Soeks Defender Radiation Detector easily gauges radioactivity levels based on ion radiation intensity (gamma radiation and beta particle stream) and x-ray radiation levels.
    Measurements made with the device display exact background radiation levels in μSv/h with a message describing the level of background radiation:

    • “Normal Background Radiation”
    • “High Background Radiation”
    • “Dangerous Background Radiation”

    Soeks Geiger Counters / Radiation Detectors are superior to other household radiation dosimeters.
    Soeks Geiger Counters were acknowledged due to their exceptional performance and high levels of precision. Typical radiation detectors display exposure dosage ranging from 5 to 1,000 μR/h, while Soeks devices provide a higher level of precision, from 5 to 100,000 μR/h. Only the Soeks Geiger Counter boasts a color display, graphical representation of measurements and 127 measurement points. The device also possesses a hi-tech design, is lightweight, compact and capable of being charged via USB.
    The biggest issue with standard issue devices of this type is that the majority of household radiation detectors have radioactive sensors made in the 80’s, right after the Chernobyl disaster, and as such, their life cycle is swiftly coming to an end. In contrast, Soeks Radiation Detectors possess sensors that are up-to-date and much more accurate.



    Geiger Counter - Radiation Detector Soeks Defender


    The product comes with a one year warranty


    The Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector carries the CE mark, certifying that it is in conformity with the essential requirements of applicable EC directives.




    Device version

    NUC-079 V6

    Geiger Muller tube


    Range of indicated background radiation level, μSv / h

    Up to 1,000

    Measurement of cumulative dose, Sv

    Up to 100

    Types of radiation measured

    Gamma radiation

    Beta radiation


    Measurement time, seconds

    up to 20

    Measurement display

    graphic data presentation

    Number of stored measurement points



    Rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries

    Overall dimensions height x width x thickness, mm.


    Products weight (minus batteries), gr.



    Color TFT, 128x160

    Operating temperature range, oC

    from -20 to +60



    Indicators in Measure Mode

    1. Units: μSv/h.
    2. Level in preset units.
    3. Indicator of measured results fills up within 10 sec. If background radiation level is high, the result may be available much sooner.
    4. Radiation level. Shown as large digits at the center of the screen. The first measurement also shows the word "MEASURE".
    5. Message about background radiation.
    6. Measurement accuracy indicator.
    7. Defining radiation fraction indicator. If the fractions follow often, the indicator blinks yellow and red. If the fractions are rare, the indicator is yellow.
    8. Indicators for radiation background changes.
    Indicators in Radiation Dose Mode

    9. Rate of accumulated radiation dose.
    10. Dose accumulation time (hh. mm. ss.)
    11. Number of times the device has been turned on during the given period
    12. Current background radiation



    English user manual


    The Soeks Defender Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector base kit includes the following items:

    • Soeks Defender Radiation Detector
    • User manual
    • 2 rechargeable batteries (AAA)
    • USB power cable (mini USB)
    • AC Power Adapter (Euro)
    • Rigid paperboard box



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